Time for a New Skill Set

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It’s time to learn a new skill set.

I could be the guy who orchestrated the whole operation and outs the company together, hires the people, and/or even hired the company to white label its services. Or, I could learn how to generate leads on my own.

Or both. And both.

I will learn a new skill set. Facebook marketing, lead gem, pixel work, targeting and retargeting, chatbots, Messenger marketing, funnels, Lansing pages, all things techie. I want to learn them all.

If I learn them, I can use them and apply them to Lucky You as I grow it. And I can also use it for my own ad agency.

Learn it. Because it will be better if you can speak the language and you know what you have to do. And, that’s the fun part. Marketing. It’s the art. And understanding the building blocks behind it only gives you more strength to use it.

And, you need a new skill set. This is the one.

I have always said, if the shit hits the fan and you had to bug out and disappear or just completely start over, Karate is your backup. At the end of the day, you could start teaching karate from anywhere.

Tonight reminded me that no, maybe not. I hurt my hamstring on Tuesday. I’ve been sick since Wednesday. And my lower back is really giving up right now. So there’s a chance that in the future, my backup plan might not be so sound. You need a new backup plan.

Be able to turn on ads and generate leads for yourself or for others. Be able to make real money with this. This is the cool shit. Learn it better than you know it.

Apply your video knowledge. Apply your sales and marketing. Apply your ability to speak and influence, your ability to sell and be persuasive. Be the real Don Alley, and leverage the success of four brick and mortars… and create a killer ad agency. That sounds fucking awesome. That sounds fun. That sounds meaningful.

And I’m just the one to do it.

Don Alley
Don Alley is an artist and entrepreneur. He is known as the karate guy, the preschool guy, or the video guy. He runs Super Kicks Karate as the chief instructor in Ashburn, Center Stage Preschool, and Lucky You Media. He is also the co-founder of Testudo Addiction Recovery, a non-profit organization serving families across the country.

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