Why Can’t I Take Action?

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Taking action. Doing. Executing. This is where the magic happens. Not in making a list. Not in telling other people what you are ABOUT to do. But actually buckling down, and doing the work required to make your dream a reality.

And even though I drill this into the head of my son, and anyone who will listen, I sit here at my table right now with a new idea that I want to execute, and I feel paralyzed. WTF? What’s happening on the inside of my brain?


What will people think about it? How will it be received? Will it make money or be a dud? What if I put all this effort into this new product/system and it fails? It’s going to take more time to learn how to make this offer and sell it, are you sure you want to go through with it? Why do I even want to do this? It might not make a lot of money. Is this stupid? Am I stupid? There’s probably someone who is already doing it, and doing it better. The market is saturated…I don’t really need to put this together. Ad nauseum.

These are the questions and statements that I am battling right now, and I have to imagine that others feel the same way as they attempt to create something new. When we give in to statements and questions like this, we sabotage the effort before it ever gets off the ground. We never have the opportunity to even SEE if it’s a hit. Fear. You know what fear stands for, right? F* Everything And Run. Or, Face Everything And Rise. The second one is much more powerful, but the first is definitely what we all struggle with at times.

How many ideas have we had in our lifetimes that we knew were good ideas, and it’s not that we didn’t WANT to execute, but it was that we were AFRAID to execute? Probably more than I’d like to admit. I wrote an article awhile ago about giving yourself  permission to suck. Go and read that again, Don. It’s good stuff. Remind yourself that it’s okay to fail and put something out there that isn’t good. And if it’s your first time creating a product or new idea that you are releasing to the market, it probably WILL suck. But at least it’s out there, and you can adjust and learn.

I love what Tony Robbins says: “If you can’t, then you MUST.” Feel like you can’t do something because you’re afraid? Then it’s imperative that you do it. That you put aside every feeling of doubt, fear, and worry, and just do the thing you say you want to do.

Enough with the list making. Enough with dreaming about the idea. Execute. Face Everything And Rise. Create your product, write your book, do the thing that scares the hell out of you, and grow from the process. You’ll be much more interesting and valuable to people when you talk about what you are DOING, and the lessons you’ve learned. Because face it, most people have ideas, and they are afraid to jump. So set the example. Be the example. Jump. Execute.

This was more a writing exercise for me kicking my own ass into gear, and I thought I would go ahead and create it as a post. Pardon me while I get back to work and launch this new video series I am afraid to promote…

Don Alley
Don Alley is an artist and entrepreneur. He is known as the karate guy, the preschool guy, or the video guy. He runs Super Kicks Karate as the chief instructor in Ashburn, Center Stage Preschool, and Lucky You Media. He is also the co-founder of Testudo Addiction Recovery, a non-profit organization serving families across the country.

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