What is the Best Morning Routine?

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Morning Routine.

Coffee, poop, shower, breakfast, then work.

Or is it poop then coffee? And if you have kids, maybe you have some extra responsibilities….like dealing with THEIR poop:)

I have always loved getting up in the morning earlier than most, and starting my day in a powerful way. One of my friends and I were chatting recently about his morning routine, he asked me about mine, and so I thought I’d go ahead and share it here.

I’m sure it could change/will change over time.

  1. Wake up. I’m not going to lie, I like to hit the snooze button a few times. So I set five different alarms every two minutes, so if I try and snooze too long, they all just keep going off and I have no choice but to get up. Usually by 15 minutes after the 1st on. On a side note, I think my wife really enjoys this process….
  2. Wash my face. And moisturize. This helps me wake up more, and is part of my skin care regimen. I use Mary Kay products. The female line. Because they’re awesome. And I don’t want to end up looking like Bill Murray. Sorry Bill.
  3. Water. My goal is to get in about 4 liters of water each day, so drinking a half liter upon waking up is a great way to start that process, and start to get hydrated for the day
  4. Coffee. I love drinking coffee in the morning. Sometimes during the day I want it to be morning just so I can have the feeling of that first cup of coffee…by that point it’s been a while since my last caffeine infusion.
  5. Morning pages. Ahhh, morning pages. I started this after reading the book, The Artist’s Way. I highly recommend this for anyone, but especially for those of you that are artists. And ABSOLUTELY for those of you who have suppressed your artistic ability due to pragmatism. Back to the morning pages. Three pages of hand-written, stream-of-consciousness. Your feelings, your fears, your thoughts…it’s like a mind dump. Get all of it out first thing. Clear your mind by getting it all out on paper. Don’t pick the pen up from the paper, and just write. It doesn’t have to make sense, it doesn’t have to be pretty, it just needs to get out. This is one of the most therapeutic things I do each morning. Probably THE most important part of my routine. It takes me about 20 minutes to write three pages, and is THE driving force that helps get me out of bed when I want to sleep in.
  6. Affirmations. I have taken the time to write out my daily affirmations, and I simply read them. I would encourage you to do your own, and read them every day. The idea is to program your brain with positivity, with possibility, and SEE the things that you want. I have about 18 that I repeat. Some are small. Some are long. Some have stayed on my list for years, others come and go. An example of a short one: “Everything works for me, and serves me in the most powerful and magical way.” An example of a longer one: “I am so grateful that the universe moves people and opportunities and situations towards me every single day to help me actualize my dreams and goals.” They can be general, or they can be specific. You choose what works best for you.
  7. Visualize my goals. It’s important to remind myself DAILY of the goals that I’ve set this year. So rather than leaving them to chance, I remind myself every day. I think is extremely valuable, because there are some that I am working on every day anyways, but some that could easily find the back burner. This keeps them fresh. I also believe that because I’m programming my brain, I am attracting all the necessary components to accomplish them, and I’m teaching my brain on what to look for.
  8. Morning Questions. “The quality of our life is determined by the quality of of the questions we ask ourselves on a regular basis.” Tony Robbins says this all the time, and I absolutely believe it. Ask shit questions, get shit answers. Ask specific, well-worded questions that you have thought out over time, and watch magic happen. Some of mine are his normal ones like, What are you proud of? What are you grateful for? What excites you? I have also added ones that are important to me, like, What’s the ONE THING I can do TODAY to help me become a better actor? Businessman? Husband? And sometimes, the answers to these questions comes immediately. Sometimes, later on during the day. But I believe that the answers to all your questions always come. So it’s important to ask the right questions.

And that’s my morning routine. Do I hit everyone every day? I try to. But sometimes life comes up of course. Most important to me right now, as of this writing, are the morning pages. Start there. They are a hidden gem that I wish everyone would discover. Better yet, go buy The Artist’s Way. It’s fantastic.

One quick thought. Most of the time, I go through these affirmations, goals, and questions while jumping on my rebounder. If you’ve never researched the benefits of jumping on a mini trampoline…well, that’s your next piece of homework.

Don Alley
Don Alley is an artist and entrepreneur. He is known as the karate guy, the preschool guy, or the video guy. He runs Super Kicks Karate as the chief instructor in Ashburn, Center Stage Preschool, and Lucky You Media. He is also the co-founder of Testudo Addiction Recovery, a non-profit organization serving families across the country.

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