Give Yourself Permission to Suck

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Give yourself permission to….

To be bad. You don’t always have to look the part, act the part, be the part. What is it that you want to try? What is it that you want to do? What thing is it, that, as soon as you attempt it, you know you’ll suck at? Why do you care that you’ll suck? Give yourself permission to suck.

Give yourself permission to…. to write. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be anything. You don’t have to impress people. And your thoughts don’t have to always make sense. To hell with what other people think. Just write. If that’s what you want to do, just do it.

Give yourself permission to…to do stand up comedy. You’ll be great. Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll be awesome. Maybe you’ll suck balls and people will boo you. What a great story either way! Give yourself permission to get on that stage and tell jokes, act a fool, do a dance, do a jig, and see what happens. Go ahead…Give yourself permission to suck.

Give yourself permission to…

To start that new venture.

To test out that new idea you’ve had.

To….Fill in YOUR blank.

No one–NO ONE–is going to give you permission. You must give it to yourself. You must be the voice of UNreason and allow yourself to do that thing that you want to do.

Why are you so afraid?

“What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open to us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play.”

So….Go. Go suck. Go be bad. Go be bad and love every second of it. Give yourself permission to be bad, because at least by BEING, you have a chance to, perhaps (and in all probability) be good. Maybe even great.

Don Alley
Don Alley is an artist and entrepreneur. He is known as the karate guy, the preschool guy, or the video guy. He runs Super Kicks Karate as the chief instructor in Ashburn, Center Stage Preschool, and Lucky You Media. He is also the co-founder of Testudo Addiction Recovery, a non-profit organization serving families across the country.

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